Divorce Strategies for Women

Mother's Rights Attorneys in Springfield, Massachusetts

When it comes to establishing a game plan in a Hampden County family law matter, women must make sure their real needs are not overlooked.

If your spouse has initiated divorce proceedings, or if you have taken the first step yourself, do not agree to anything until you are represented and have found an experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer to help you level the playing field with fair representation.

Our Lawyers Are Zealous Advocates for Women and Mothers

The contributions you have made to your household are immeasurable. While you may or may not have been the primary wage earner, you have added value in many ways. Running a household is a job unto itself. From managing finances to raising your children and taking them back and forth between school and their activities, the tasks that you performed are ones to which value can be attached.

At Pollack Law Group, P.C., each of our lawyers makes certain that you leave your marriage with the property division that takes into account all of your valuable contributions.

When you become a client, our entire team is available to you at a moment's notice – seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We are available on Blackberries and available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail anytime – not just during office hours!

How to Deal With Your Spouse in a Co-Parenting Role

When support money is late or doesn't appear, don't threaten to withhold the children from the other parent. Not only could you foul up your custody status or parenting plan if your spouse takes you to court, but it will put pressure on your children. Unless their lives are being threatened, children need contact with both parents.

Financial Divorce Strategies for Women

If your spouse is a high income earner, controls a closely held corporation, or manages a family business, make sure the business is valued by an appraiser. Review all discovery to make sure you are given truthful information when looking at what's on the table for property division purposes. On the other hand, be honest with yourself if you are counting on a settlement that includes things that don't really exist.

Early on, do not make large purchases until you know what will happen and what your weekly and monthly cash needs will be. Keep assets liquid for the time being. Stash back money as soon as you can for emergencies before and after the divorce process starts. Most important, if your paycheck is automatically deposited into a joint account, set up an individual account and have the proper forms filled out and given to whomever handles payroll at your company.

Courtroom Strategies for Women

When it is time to appear in court, a number of do's and don'ts can make you more believable to the judge:

  • Be prepared. If any of your testimony concerns specific events or places, review your notes prior to going to court. Visualize where you were. It will come across as credible.
  • Dress conservatively. This is not the time to look like you are going out for the evening with your friends or that you are living a lavish lifestyle.
  • Show respect. To your spouse, members of the court and to the process. Perception is everything!
  • Learn how to edit your responses. Provide the court with the vital information, the truth, and once you have answered the question, stop talking. Too often we talk too much and end up giving out too much information or the wrong information when trying to explain ourselves.

Being Clueless Doesn't Work

Start finding out where things are. Learn about your finances. A scavenger hunt may become an integral part of the divorce process. Most marriages have some degree of hidden assets and debt. Now is the time to find answers.

Aggressive Western Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers Giving Women and Mothers a Home-Court Advantage

While the laws relating to divorce, custody, mothers' rights and stay-at-home mothers are the same across Massachusetts, the judges in Western Massachusetts interpret the laws and handle procedures a little differently from the others. For that reason, you want a lawyer who knows each of the judge's likes, dislikes, preferences and prejudices.

Our attorneys are assigned to specific courts in order to familiarize themselves with the ins-and-outs of their specific region.

To learn more about how we can help champion your right to an equitable distribution of your marital estate, contact us at 800-941-DIVORCE (800-941-3486). You can also schedule an appointment online.